Saturday, November 04, 2006

Brand new Tarot cards

These are cards I haven't tried to sell, ones I've been working on specifically for the Hygienic Art Gallery Holiday Show. (FYI, they don't have to be holiday-themed--just small format and under $150 in price.) I would welcome constructive criticism of these. I'm not sure they're actually finished...

So whaddaya think?

Three Digital Tarot Cards

These three images were sold on eBay in the ACEO size. I'm very pleased with the way these came out, along with the Magician, which was posted in my October 2 blog. I'll show you the ones I've been working on for the holiday show in the next post.

Harm none

My sitemeter tells me that some of you haven't given up on me.

I know it's been a very long time since I've posted. I'm busy. Very, very, busy.

I'm now working as interim executive director for DNEC (what's a DNEC? it's the Disabilities Network of Eastern Connecticut), where I worked for about eight years before changing jobs in March 2005. I'm a little afraid of publishing anything online about the circumstances surrounding my sudden change in employment status, so I'll let this suffice: they needed me. I mean needed me. And I am thrilled to be able to help.

I'm only working 25 hours a week; I limited my hours because I do have to have my regular cancer treatments and other things that would make it difficult to work full time. Fortunately, one of my co-workers has been promoted to managerial and supervisory duties, so I think I'll make it through until February, when I have to leave in order to keep my Social Security Disability. I will be sorry in many ways to go, but I'll clearly need a good rest by then.

The Wiccan faith has a sort of golden rule that says: "Harm none, do as ye will", sometimes quoted as "An [if] it [or ye] harm none, do as ye will". This is interpreted to mean that you shouldn't do anything to harm someone, and if you're not harming anyone, you can do anything you want. I call myself a pagan rather than a Wiccan, but I think this rule has its merits. I interpret it somewhat differently, though. I interpret it to mean that you can do what you want if it's not harmful, but if it might cause harm, then you need to consult other things besides your own will before you make the decision whether to do it or not. I don't believe it is instruction to never cause harm.

Why? Because harm is necessary. In the circumstances surrounding my new job, harm was done in order that the greater good, in this case the viability of the organization itself, might be preserved. I have compassion for those who were harmed. But DNEC has to survive in order to help individuals with disabilities receive the supports and civil rights to which they're entitled. And as I said, I am extremely happy--and grateful--to be part of this process.

'Nuff said about that! I have also been doing a reasonable amount of art work, despite my tendency to collapse when I arrive home. Last week I picked up the self-portrait I did for the Hygienic Art Gallery's breast cancer show, and the gallery manager, Maurene, told me it had gotten a lot of comments from people on how "powerful" it is. That emboldened me to ask how one gets in other shows there, and the upshot is that I have to produce 12 pieces for their holiday show by November 12! I've decided to enter 12 5" x 7" prints of my digital tarot cards. You've seen my Magician (October 2, the post entitled "Two more small digital collages"), but I'll post a few more for you to see in a separate post. Comments are very welcome! Some aren't finalized, and I could use some help in figuring out how to improve them. Thanks!