Saturday, October 06, 2007


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Well...first Yahoo killed my mayterry @ address. I had to still sign in to the Google account that managed this blog with that address, however.

No problemo, right? (Somehow I have this feeling that that's not correct in Spanish. You get the idea, though...)

Yes. Problem. For a couple of weeks I use my old email address to sign in. Then this evening I try to sign in so I can post to this account, and I get this error message: "You have entered an email that does not exist". So I fooled around for about an hour and a half, and finally--somehow, I'm not sure how--got to my Blogger dashboard, whence one posts and makes other additions, deletions, and changes. I have the feeling that it's very iffy that I'll be able to access this blog for long.

I sent an email to Blogger support, and it was supposed to be copied to my new, functioning gmail address, which is, and so far it hasn't shown up. So this blog may remain an archive for my past posts.

You'd think this would be a known bug, wouldn't you? But I couldn't find mention of it anywhere on Blogger's or Google's help pages, and I'm not going to waste another evening. So if by tomorrow I don't have a satisfactory answer to my question, I'll be working on a shiny new blog!

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